Young Ravens

I was born in 1937, two years before the Second World War began, and remembered very clearly the details of life that affected a selfish little girl during that time. In I think 1972, I decided that I had to try to record my memories but the best way was to fictionalise them, and write about myself at that time as if I was someone else. So Shelia became me and as I'd always wanted a little brother , and as, in 1960 my son was borne, he became Fred. Tom Allwright drew some lovely nostalgic pen and ink drawings---he'd also been born before the Second World War.

A few other facts that perhaps had a bearing on the similarities between Sheila Raven and Celia Boyd . I was borne Celia Kaulfuss---a German name from the Sudetanland., I was Robin in The Merry Wives of Winsor at the Educational  Settlement in Sheffield at the age of nine, and a lovely P.O.W. played Pistol, as if he were Adolf Hitler.  My parents were kind to German P.O.Ws  offering them hospitality after the war had ended.

The story of Young Ravens.

The drab inevitable wartime routine of Sheila Raven and her little brother Fred in Derby is suddenly changed when her parents' marriage ends violently, with the unexpected return of their father, ill with  dysentery, on sick leave from his army unit in Africa. He insists that his children are cared for by his parents in Sheffield, away from their mother and her new partner. A different  more challenging way of life begins for Sheila.. She makes a wide range of new friends, amongst whom is a German prisoner of war, a fellow actor in a Shakespeare play. But this is a circumstance which causes her father to experience intense fury when he returns from Italy in 1945.

Cat o' Nine Tales

A collection of short stories written over the last fifteen years. There are only three cats but there are nine tales.  Each of the stories has a totally different viewpoint , and demonstrates aptly the writer's eclectic narrative skill.

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