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  1. Celia Boyd

    If you have read any of my books, could I ask you to enter any comments and criticism on this blog. I and Graficas hope that Book 4 will shortly be available in book form and it is possible that all four volumes in the Tom Fletcher series, A Reason from the Stars will be available also as e-books.
    Thank you for reading this blog. Your interest is greatly appreciated.

    1. Maria Pia Cioppi

      dear Celia ,
      I Have not read your book yet !

      I would like to read it and to be in touch with you !

      Giancarlo told me that he came to visit you but you moved again and he couldn’t meet you !

      I tried to phone you but nobody answered ! Did you change your Phone number?

      Maria Pia

  2. Ellen Smith

    Although I am not an avid reader of history, I found Celia’s books most readable.

    I am so pleased someone has researched and analysed the subject in such detail and yet maintain a flow to make page turning a pleasure.

    Thank you Celia.

  3. Alan Ford

    I’ve read Celia Boyd’s three books, published so far, with the greatest pleasure, and look forward to the fourth, I believe concluding, volume with the keenest anticipation. The seventeenth century detail is immaculate, the overarching plot clear and the narrative proves a real page-turner. I’m surprised it hasn’t, yet, become a best-seller. It should be adapted to TV to make a saga of a costume drama (in the best sense of the word), with the English Civil War in the format of ‘The Lord of the Rings”!

  4. Jaqui Taylor Post author

    I had read and enjoyed the first 3 books in this series and had an
    impending visit to hospital. I chose to take First dry rattle with me and
    found Tom fletcher’s company and wisdom most cheering in my convalescent
    time. I think he’s an inspiring companion, not least in challenging times.

  5. John Lynch

    Dry Rattle by Celia Boyd is the first in the series A Reason From The Stars. Set in the 17th Century it disguises an intelligent and perceptive analysis of the English Civil War within the adventures of Tom Fletcher, a young surgeon who tries to stay out of the conflict and fails. The character of the psychopath who hunts Tom is clearly portrayed and so is the collapse of ordered society that goes with war and allows such people to do what they do.

    The sine qua non of good historical fiction is that it should capture both the motivations of the people and their manners, dress and customs, and Celia Boyd achieves this so well one might imagine she had lived in that place and time. Certainly the lover of good historicals will find nothing here to question or dispute. What will stay with this reader is the feeling that this is how it must have been; there is no war worse than a civil war and we feel in First Dry Rattle the pain that everyone in England must have known. A tour de force.

  6. Celia Boyd

    Thank you so much Ellen, Billie, Jaqui and Alan for your kind comments. An Ungodly
    Reckoning will be out very shortly. I will be contacting you explaining how to obtain it. It is now possible thanks to Jane and Tom to buy my books on Paypal from this blog. Love from Celia

    1. Ce

      Thank you everyone for your kind reviews. An Ungodly Reckoning will be on sale on Saturday 4th of June at a launch at the Suffolk Anthology (bookshop next to the Daffodil) in Cheltenham at 5 p.m. Wine and nibbles will be served. It would be lovely to see you there. Graficas Jane and Tom who publish Tom Fletcher and who sorted out this blog will also be there. Debbie Young, leading light from Alli is also attending
      Let’s enjoy ourselves for Tom Fletcher’s sake Celia

  7. Celia Boyd

    Thank you so much everyone who attended the launch of An Ungodly Reckoning, which seemed to be enjoyable.If you have now read A.U.R. I would be so interested and grateful for any reviews of it, no matter how long or short. I am having many thoughts about Book 5 which will almost certainly encapsulate the Battle of Marston Moor, where the King started to lose. Any thoughts engendered by my books on the legacy of our Civil War would be fascinating to read on this blog. For instance, how was it that neither the King nor Cromwell could manage Parliament? Was Thomas Hobbes, the philosopher, an atheist? How did it come about that the New Model Army was the seedbed for democratic ideas? Your ideas would be most welcome.

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